If you’re like me, there may be some items hanging out in your closet that no longer fit. Why do we hang on to these clothes? What’s really going on in our heads and our hearts that keeps us from saying “adios” to something that’s no longer right for our bodies? Today, Heather tackles the tough topic of why we hang on to clothes that don’t fit and how to process, in an emotionally healthy way, breaking up with that ideal or former clothing size.

If you’re hoping your body will someday fit the clothes again or waiting to get new clothes until you’ve “earned it” through getting to a different size or shape, friend, you’re not alone. But, know that there’s a much more comfortable way to live. Wearing clothes that fit you and you feel good in is not a privilege you have to earn. You’ll be amazed at how good you feel when you have a closet with clothing options that you enjoy putting on rather than clothes that cause you shame.

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why you should get rid of clothes that don't fit