Today the Compared to Who? podcast joins the Life Audio podcast group! In this special episode, Heather re-introduces herself, shares her story, and explains in more depth the ministry of Compared to Who? Heather shares her story of how God helped her overcome a lifetime battle with food, a likely eating disorder, and other body image issues. She shares how God revealed to her she had made her body image an idol and how the revelation of the body image idolatry was life-changing. Heather also shares what Compared to Who? is all about, including the resources Compared to Who? offers beyond the podcast. Heather talks about her books, her coaching opportunities, and what’s ahead for the ministry of Compared to Who? Whether you’ve been listening to the show for years or if this is your first episode, every one who wants to improve their body image or understand body image idols will find something interesting and encouraging in today’s show.

Mentioned in today’s show:

Compared to Who? the book for Christian women who struggle with body image issues. Includes study guides for individual or group study.

The Burden of Better: How a Comparison-Free Life Leads to Joy, Peace and Rest book for Christian women who wrestle comparison, includes study guides for individual or group study.

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You Version Bible Plans – Discover Heather’s free Bible reading plans for Christian women who want to improve their body image or fight body image idolatry available on You Version (the Bible App) here -http://You Version Plans

Coaching: Interested in getting individualized help for your body image issues? Heather works with a limited number of clients on a one-on-one basis. Find out about Christian body image coaching to build your confidence in Christ and fight insecurity here.

Compared to Who? podcast for Christian women to improve body image issues and fight body image idols and insecurity and confidence in Christ