Christian Body Image Bible Reading Plans on YouVersion

Heather Creekmore from Compared to Who? has brand new Bible reading plans available on YouVersion – the Bible App!

Heather’s latest plan on YouVersion is designed to help you fight body envy and comparison this summer. Check out this new plan, “Have a Comparison-Free Summer: A 5-Day Plan to Beat Body Envy.” 

Bible reading plan about comparison and comparing in summer time and body envy

Check out this amazing plan, a 7-Day reading plan to help you live a Comparison-Free life. It’s called “The Burden of Better: How to Live a Comparison-Free Life.” Access it directly here: Don’t like to read, play the audio each day and listen to the encouraging content.

Christian bible reading plan on comparison, living a comparison-free life on You Version

Bible Reading Plan for Christian Women Who Want to Improve Their Body Image

Check out this 10-Day Body Image Reading Plan from Compared to Who? It’s available absolutely free through You Version, the Bible App. Don’t like to read? No problem. Choose to listen to the plan by pressing the play button at the bottom of each screen. This is a great way to take a fresh look at your body image issues and start on the path to healing and freedom!

Body Image 10 Day Bible Reading Plan

Special Christmas Bible Reading Plan

Preparing your heart for the holidays? Check out this 4-Day study of scripture to help you have a Comparison-Free Christmas.

Each day includes devotional content as well as passages to read and suggested prayers or topics to think about through the day.

Download this plan and tell a friend about it!

If you’re on your smart phone and already have the app – Use this link! 

Otherwise, download the YouVersion app and then search for “Comparison-Free Christmas”

Comparison-Free Christmas by Heather Creekmore