I Didn’t Know I Had an Eating Disorder, Now I Have a New Identity Featuring Christie Dondero Bettwy

by | Oct 27, 2023 | Eating Disorders, Podcast Episodes

“The behaviors and information were the problem, my body was trying to help!” Christie Dondero Bettwy

Heather Creekmore is joined today by Christie Dondero Bettwy, the executive director of Rock Recovery, an organization dedicated to helping those struggling with eating disorders. Heather and Christie dive deep into their personal experiences with eating disorders, sharing their journeys from struggling to recognizing and seeking help. They discuss the barriers that individuals without financial resources face when it comes to accessing treatment and the importance of organizations like Rock Recovery, which offer specialized and affordable help. Throughout the episode, Heather and Christie explore various aspects of eating disorders, such as body image, coping skills, the role of restrictions in binge behavior, and the impact of societal messages on our relationship with food. They also touch on the intersection of faith and recovery, sharing their own spiritual experiences and how these have played a vital role in their healing. With honesty and vulnerability, Heather and Christie challenge the misconceptions surrounding eating disorders, emphasizing the significance of clinical care, community support, and taking small steps forward in the recovery journey. They offer practical tips for handling triggering situations and assertively advocating for one’s needs.

Here’s more about Christie:

Christie has served for nearly a decade as the Executive Director for Rock Recovery, a DC-based nonprofit that helps clients and communities overcome disordered eating by combining clinical and spiritual care. Having experienced full recovery herself, she is passionate about spreading the message that complete freedom from disordered eating is possible and helping remove barriers that keep people from experiencing it. She is an active speaker and shares her story with organizations and media outlets across the country. While a true city girl at heart, Christie now resides in the suburbs of Washington, DC with her husband, Ryan. 

Rock Recovery holiday program begins in November! Connect with Rock Recovery or learn more: www.rockrecoveryed.org

Facebook: Rock Recovery, ED, Instagram: Rock Recovery or get a free consult on their website.

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