Personality, identity, and image are topics that get fuzzy and blurred for many women who struggle with body image issues. We are told that we need to find our identity in Christ and root it in him, yet, it’s difficult to understand how to do this. Today, Heather explores how to find our identity and build an image and identity in Christ.

Today we explore the following topics:

  • How we can create identities around the foods we eat, diets we follow, exercise programs we do, or other things that we want people to think or believe about us.
  • How we can cling to personality labels and miss how God wants us all to pursue Christlikeness, not to create an image based on a personality type or personality traits.
  • How building identities in our image, our body, or other false identities will always be temporary and unsatisfying.
  • How we’re not to strive to perfect our personalities or our images, but how as Christians, we are to strive for holiness and Christlikeness.
  • We look at Paul’s example from Philippians 3 and how Paul calls his resume (his old identities) garbage.

Your challenge for today: Think about your identities, image, and personality — what are you putting your hope in?

Inventory and ask: What are you hoping your image will be? What are you trying to put your identity in today?

How can you make your goal to strive for holiness and to desire Christlikeness above all else? Start the process by praying, “God, I’m sorry I’ve been trying to build an identity in these things…”

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