This month Heather gives “hot” coaching tips to help you get body image freedom. Today’s topic is black-and-white thinking. Sometimes it’s called “All or Nothing thinking.” But the trap those of us who fall into body image issues fall into is believing that the choice is in between caring about your body or not caring about your body. This is a false dichotomy. The choice isn’t to steward or not steward our bodies, the choice is to believe that we can surrender our body image to the Lord. Getting rid of the black-and-white thinking can help you see these issues rightly and get free!

You can learn more on this topic by listening to this amazing interview I did with Shawna Scafe last year:

Other topics we cover today around black and white thinking and body image:

Jesus clearly commands us in Matthew 6:25 not to worry about our food and our bodies. But, not worrying about them isn’t the same as mistreating, abusing, ignoring or not caring about our bodies.

So, how do we care for our bodies without worrying? How do we take care of ourselves without making body image an idol and making food something to obsess over? In today’s show, we talk about how to fight the temptation to enter into black-and-white thinking in the arena of your body image. We talk about how money issues can relate to body image issues and how the lessons of scripture that apply to money can also apply to our physical bodies.

Coaching Action Step: Are you struggling with all-or-nothing or black-and-white thinking? Think about ways this week that you see yourself practicing this and take a pause to think of some alternative, healthier ways to make progress towards your goals without making it all or nothing.

All-or-nothing or black-and-white thinking separates us from living the life of grace and understanding and accepting God’s grace for our lives. This episode will encourage and inspire you.

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black and white thinking and body image issues

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