Today, Heather continues her conversation with eating disorder expert and registered dietitian Amy Carlson. Amy and Heather delicately address some “Christianized” messages around binge eating and dieting.

Amy shares how she helps women who are struggling with certain foods to have a “with God” experience with their food in order to find freedom from shame.

One of Amy’s main points for today is that food is not the real enemy. In fact, we have a real enemy and he always tempts us to choose ourselves over God. That can be elevating food to a “too important” position in your life, but it can also be elevating your desires for your body size and shape and placing dieting or fitness lifestyle above everything else.

Heather and Amy look at some of the “Christianized” messages they’ve seen to “help” women in their relationships with food and find some that are troubling. Can we rightly compare what happened with Eve’s bite of the apple in the Garden of Eden to our indulgence in foods we believe we shouldn’t eat or foods that aren’t on our plan? Are we somehow trying to please God by doing “better” than Eve did? Amy and Heather dig in to what happens when we use the Bible out-of-context to support our own food theories.

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Many of us feel shame around food, but the only thing that truly covers our shame is Jesus, not our great ability not to eat certain foods.

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