Today Heather continues her conversation with Jessie Cruickshank about Generation Z, their anxieties, the differences in the way they want to relate and the ways the learn, and how to help them with body image issues. Here are some key take aways from today’s episode:

Jessie explained how the, “Heart seeks belonging, brain seeks identity, spirit seeks truth. The rest of us isn’t that interested in truth. But self loathing fractures the psyche.”

Jessie encourages each of us with the reality of our unique creation and that there is a purpose in way God did it. “Most think God made us wrong. We have bought into the lie that God made us wrong.” Jessie explains. “But this pushes back against the identity he determined for us.”

Jessie also explained the importance of connection. “People don’t know who they are because we become formed in relationships with others. We’re not connected, we’re not being formed as God created us to be formed. Accepting how God created us is foundational to us accepting our bodies.”

Jessie’s new book, “Ordinary Discipleship” is based on the hero’s journey and how applying the principles of the hero’s journey can help us disciple. Ordinary people can make a disciple. Today we also discuss the importance of discipling this next generation and how it may be easier than expected.

Jessie explains how Gen Z has an institutional mistrust, but they want mentors and they really want to learn. Research shows that the church has become an institution they struggle to trust. They’re not sure if it’s a safe place for them or their friends. For this reason, Jessie believes this generation needs nontraditional opportunities to find spiritual formation. What forms us are strong connections or highly emotional experiences. These things will be most formative for them. They want purpose, deeper discussions, and connections.

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