Freedom Has Nothing to Do With the Number on the Scale Featuring Laura Acuna

by | Oct 13, 2023 | Eating Disorders, Podcast Episodes

Today Heather interviews Laura Acuna an author, speaker, and coach who helps women find freedom from body and food shame. Laura shares her story, how she gained one hundred pounds as a middle schooler, and how she battled weight and food shame for decades before God took her on a path to freedom.

Some of the highlights from today’s show include:

  • Laura’s description of the “profile” of a woman who battles with food.
  • Laura’s candid retelling of the hard parts of her body image and food journey.
  • How Laura knew she had finally found food freedom.
  • Why Laura believes it’s hard for women to get help in this arena.
  • What Laura has observed from her own journey and the journeys of others about the connection between weight loss and body image freedom.

You’ll be encouraged and challenged from this engaging conversation.

Learn more about Laura Acuna here:

Start reading Laura’s book, Still Becoming, here:

Connect with Compared to Who? and be a part of the Body Image Freedom Framework course and coaching program. Learn more here:

freedom has nothing to do with number on scale body weight and body shame Laura Acuna


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