One of the trickiest parts of healing our body image issues is recognizing the impact that parents and others may have had in the way they developed while, at the same time, not blaming them! Seeing the hurt and brokenness of our moms or our dads in this arena, and then forgiving them for the pain that they (most often) unintentionally passed on to us is a tricky thing. If you’re ready to understand a moms role in body image issues and to forgive mom (or someone else) for their roles in your body image issues, then this episode is for you! We’ll do a practical, step-by-step exercise in how to forgive family members or others for the things that they have said or done that have kept us in body image bondage.

Here’s what we talk about in today’s show about your mom’s role in body image issues:

  • How do we not blame our moms, dads, and other relatives who have “contributed” to our body image issues?
  • Thinking about how those things that have been said over you may still be connected to lies you regularly hear.
  • How most parents are well-meaning in wanting their child to succeed in an “economy” where beauty wins.
  • Why writing down the lies is important to the forgiveness protocol.
  • How forgiving others sets not just them free, but also sets us free. (Or course, this is through Christ–the only one who truly sets us free!)
  • Do you need to tell your mom (or others) that you’ve forgiven them? Do you need a conversation? Heather breaks down the truth.
  • Moms play a role in body image issues, but you can restore your relationship with your mom, even if she was a contributor to your struggles with body or few.


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