Heather talks to Dr. Michelle Bengtson, author and neuropsychologist, about suffering, grief, and pain. Their conversation takes a Gospel-soaked and hope-filled look at these tough topics and Dr. Michelle shares some of her experience and hard things she’s walked through. Heather and Michelle talk about why it’s so hard for us to believe that pain is a normal part of life, not something that we should shame ourselves about trying to fix (or not being able to fix). Jesus talks about suffering in the Bible, but few of us want to embrace that as part of our theology. Gulp!

Heather and Michelle also apply these topics to body image and eating disorder issues, looking at why we want to control food even more when things in our life seem chaotic, stressful, or painful. We talk about fielding the lies that we feed ourselves and cleaning up our thought lives (and slowing down enough to recognize the lies) and the importance of that to being able to handle suffering with the peace of God.

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Connect with Dr. Michelle Bengtson at: www.drmichelleb.com

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