Today we take a pause to remember what this show is really about. We’ve spent a lot of time over the past few months talking about food, intuitive eating, and related issues. But, today we revisit the purpose of this show–to help you break free from body image issues and to help you see clearly the way the body image idol works to deceive us. If you are listening to the show and still feeling awkward around food or feeling uncertain about how to navigate a changing body, don’t worry. You are not alone.

In this episode, Heather talks through how she’s feeling awkward around food and aging. Here are some of the topics covered in today’s show:

  • Heather shares a personal story of how she recently begged God to let her go back to dieting and disordered eating.
  • We talk about why we feel so pulled towards diets and food plans and structure when it comes to our bodies.
  • We discuss how it’s good to see your body as good, but how the temptation to make your body “better” doesn’t let us sit in that “good” place for long.
  • We look at how controlling food and our appearance can be an addiction.
  • We examine the reality that feeling awkward with food is part of the process of this journey.
  • Heather uncovers the reality that the struggle is real, but there is great hope for change.

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feeling awkward food and aging