Did you know that healing your body image may require you to escape from something you’ve likely been trapped in for a long time? Diet Culture-the ways we think having a better or “healthier” or thinner body will save us-has trapped many of us in its “escape room” for decades. We’re told if we can do all the things, figure out the right combinations, and break the secret codes, then we will escape and be free from our body image issues. But, the truth is, that’s not the way diet culture–or body image issues–work.

We talk about escaping diet culture and healing body image issues. Here’s where we go in today’s show:

  • How trying to escape the pervasive diet culture can feel like trying to get out of a difficult escape room.
  • Why there’s not a secret decode ring to unlock your healing from body image issues.
  • How escaping diet culture is the first step to finding body image healing.
  • How diet culture keeps us trapped always looking for the key that works.
  • How we gather clues and believe that if we apply it all to our bodies, we will unlock the door to freedom.
  • How we believe freedom from body image issues is bigger than just not stressing over our bodies.
  • Body image issues are about our hearts. Can we believe he made us in a variety of ways, shapes and sizes?
  • Why Christianized “Jedi mind tricks” can’t set us free.
  • What does freedom with body image issues really look like?
  • How do we keep from going back to diet culture’s escape room?

Coaching tip: Acknowledge the ways we’ve believed the world’s system (Diet culture’s system) would unlock the door to freedom and abundant life? How have we believed that we really needed a better body to set us free? Have we tried to heal our body image issues the word’s way or the world’s way? Think and pray through these questions today.

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