Today Heather digs into the concept of addiction–but not in a way you might expect. Heather isn’t talking about drugs or alcohol or other things that you expect people to be addicted to. Instead, she talks about being addicted to body change–of chasing idols of body image and beauty through controlling and manipulating her body size and shape. Heather breaks down some amazing teaching from Dr. Tim Keller on the topic of addictions and idolatry and she applies this teaching to our issues with food and body. The sermon she refers to throughout today’s episode is available here:

Here are some other topics talked about in today’s episode, I’m a Body Change Addict:

  • How the prophet Jeremiah shows us Israel’s idolatry problem and how this applies to us today!
  • The deep spiritual desire we have to find affirmation.
  • What addiction really is and how it’s a spiritual problem.
  • The addiction cycle and what Jeremiah 2:27 teaches us about it.
  • How we can see what our addictions are as we compare what bothers us versus what bothers are friends.
  • How addictions can’t be solved just through changing our bodies.
  • The Biggest Loser definition of salvation.
  • How scolding and shaming never helps us change anything.
  • What does work to break us out of addiction and sin.
  • How our priorities reveal our treasures and our idols.
  • Tim Keller’s solution of thinking about these issues as issues between our bridegroom (Jesus) and his bride (us) and how this changes things.
  • Why we all want to look flawless.

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