Buying the Biggest Loser Definition of Salvation: Day 10

Have you watched the Biggest Loser? If not, it’s still likely you know the premise. Contestants participate in a weight loss competition. The “weigh ins” combined with team voting determine who stays with the program and who gets the boot.

I was a success story JUNKIE. I loved before and after photos and journaled accounts of how women changed their bodies. Did they cut down on carbs or add more workouts? What kind of new habits did they start to inspire that weight loss? What secrets did they discover that no one else knows. This is what I wanted to know when I read these success stories. I craved the information because I wanted what they had . . . a new look.

Or, more honestly, maybe I wanted something more than that. Something deeper. Here’s more in today’s video:

Here are a few other posts I’ve written on this topic for additional reading.

Questions for reflection

Joy, peace, love, hope . . .did you ever (secretly) believe that any of these things could come from having a new (better, thinner, taller, shorter, smaller, whatever . . .) body? Did you ever believe the lie that more beauty or a better body is where salvation comes from?

Spend some time today thinking about the ways that you may have bought the lie of “temporary” salvation that comes from body change . . .or from any other idol you may fight in your life (some of us believe that our “salvation” will come from marriage, or children, or “better” children, or a “better marriage!) Pray that God will reveal to you the truth of genuine salvation and show you these idols.


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Body image quiz

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