Are you stuck comparing who you are today to who you were ten, twenty, or more years ago? If so, today’s episode is for you. We’re going to talk about how to stop comparing yourself to your younger self. We’ll explore how we tend to romanticize and idealize those older versions of ourselves. We’ll also look at how to reprogram our brains and accept the reality that a changing body is more normal than not as we age. If aging is bogging you down or you can’t get over the desire to look how you looked decades ago, listen and share with a friend!

Highlights from today’s show: Comparing Yourself to Your Younger Self

*Understand that comparing yourself to the “old you” isn’t a victimless crime.

*We explore how this kind of comparison can have damaging effects too!

*We talk about the realities of aging–that the human body is always aging and changing and how looking decades younger would actually be strange for most of us!

*We explore objectification and how we don’t really remember or see clearly that woman in the old photo as more than just an object. Yet, she had struggles of her own–even if her body was “better.”

*Why comparing your younger self isn’t really an apples to apples, fair comparison.

Coaching tip: Write a list of reasons you WOULDN’T want to return to the age of which you keep comparing yourself. Are there things about your life then that you are missing now? Are there things about your life now that you appreciate and are grateful for? See if you can explore below the surface to find out what it is you are really missing about that old life. Was it relationships? Friendships? Freedom from burdens or responsibilities you carry now? Chances are, it’s not just the body you are missing.

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