Did you know that your body image issues and cleaning your house like a crazy person may be connected? If you’ve ever turned into a cleaning Gestapo before company came over or if you’ve ever stressed way too much over how your house looked, you may be surprised to find out that there’s a body image connection. Getting free to be yourself in your body may help you become a little more chill when it comes to cleaning your house before guests stop by. If you’ve ever cleaned the house to make it look like “no one lives here,” you’ll be able to relate to this episode in many ways!

Here are some other things we talk about as we discuss how cleaning house connects to body image issues:

  1. What image are we trying to protect or portray in our physical homes? Is this related to the image we’re trying to present in our soul’s earthly homes–our bodies?
  2. How control issues flare in similar ways between cleaning our homes and caring for our bodies.
  3. What is the difference between loving others and desiring to be approved of and accepted?
  4. The mistake we make when we over-clean is the same as when we over-exercise or over-restrict food from our bodies.
  5. Who are we trying to impress? Is image management playing more of a role in our lives than we know?
  6. The “Mirror Tilt”– How we can learn to better manage our image and understand Jesus’s desire for us as image bearers. Watch it here: https://youtu.be/KlYCi3QMj0o
  7. Read the original blog post that got so much attention here: How Cleaning Your House Like Crazy Connects to Your Body Image

Homework: How have YOUR body image issues connected to how you care about the appearance of your home?

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how cleaning your house relates to your body image