Today Heather interviews Dr. Kari Anderson, a licensed professional counselor, eating disorder coach, author, and a recognized authority in treating binge eating and Binge Eating Disorder (BED). Today, Dr. Anderson shares her story of struggling with food as a child and young adult. Heather and Kari talk about everything from Kari’s secret affinity for downing sugar packets for comfort to going to Weight Watchers meetings and how Kari’s faith and training helped her come to a place where she has peace with food and her body. Kari and Heather talk about stress eating, what binge eating actually is, food scarcity, what the brain does when it’s food insecure (be it from dieting or actual food scarcity), the connection between binge eating and impulse disorders, what role your epigenetics play in the way you eat and how you feel about food . . .and more. Learn more about Dr. Kari Anderson at:, and you can check out her 8-week course online. Use the code: RW50 to save 50%

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