Summer Body Image Survival Guide!

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I love summer. The sunshine. Getting tan. The chance to unwind and relax by the pool. But, then, I hate summer. The pressure to wear shorts or swimsuits to every social engagement. The reminder that my body doesn’t match our culture’s definition of perfection. The messages from the media that remind me I should be dieting or exercising so I can have a “bikini body.” Ugh. It’s a tiring roller coaster to ride–the ups and downs of body image woe. Summer body image issues are real.

Summer can steal your joy if you let body image consume you. And, it’s a total shame. The one season of the year when we should be able to relax, absorb some Vitamin D, and float around on the water with some sort of fruity drink, we get caught up in a battle with the mirror.

Yep, this is men in a swimsuit. Oh my.

Yep, this is me in a swimsuit! (The parts of my body I sometimes struggle with are conveniently hidden inside the inner tube.) Flabby thighs aren’t going to make me miss out on summer fun though!

This summer, I want you to be free to enjoy. So, I’ve created this summer survival guide.

Some of you will want to read every link attached. Others may pick and choose from the topics that interest you. But, whatever you do, soak up some encouragement christian body image book with new answers that really work transformation confidence Jesus

General Body Image Boosters for Summer:

1. 20 Ways to Feel Lighter This Summer! Here’s a quick list of ideas to boost your confidence this summer! (No diet necessary!)

Summer Attire:

  1. How to Try on a Swimsuit and Not Hate Your Body: A MUST read if you are looking for a new suit or wrestling your old one!
  2. Do You Deserve to Wear Shorts? Hate your legs in shorts? You aren’t alone. You should read this!
  3. Should Christian Women Wear Bikinis? Controversial, certainly? Read my grace-based approach here.

Feeling Good in a Bathing Suit:

  1. I Know Why You Hate Wearing a Bathing Suit. 99% of women hate wearing a swimsuit. Isn’t it time the majority ruled? Read this for encouragement.
  2. How to Look Good in a Swimsuit: Headed out for summer fun? Read this first. Hey, memorize it if you need to. This will encourage you more than reading Glamour or Vogue!Culture says I need to lose weight, better clothes, thigh gap and flat abs, the Bible says I need Jesus Image

Comparing Yourself to Others this Summer:

  1. Why You Should Cut Out Comparison This SummerComparison will steal your joy this summer if you let it. Stop it cold. Read this.
  2. Summertime, Covet time? How to Stop Summer Body Envy: Light-hearted look at summer body envy. Read this at the beach instead of looking around at the bikini bodies surrounding you.
  3. The Real Cure for Comparison: Can you cure comparison? Yes. I learned the answer at the airport. Read this and look for it during your summer travels!
  4. Can Focusing on How We are Alike Cure Comparison? This will adjust your perspective on comparison all summer long.I know why you hate wearing a swimsuit and the reason will surprise you

Summer Diet/Weight Loss and Exercise:

  1.  The Joy Workout: The happiest 15 minutes of exercise you’ll do this summer!
  2. The Secret to Losing Weight: Hint, it’s in your heart, not in your fridge. Read this on weight loss.
  3. Should Christians Diet? Thinking about buying a new diet plan or book? Read this first.
  4. Best Christian Workout Songs: Ready to hit the gym? Get these motivating and uplifting tunes downloaded first.
  5. Best Christian Walking Songs: Ready to walk the beach? Download this playlist first!

What to Read at Beach/Lake or Pool:

  1. The Secret Killer at Your Salon: What you read and watch this summer will play a big role in how you feel about your body. Read this first!
  2. Summer Reading List for Christian Women: This was my book list a few years ago. Check it out for any you haven’t read yet!

Of course, the BEST thing you can do for your body image this summer is picking up a copy of my body image book!


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