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Here’s the reason I’m writing this list of the best Christian workout songs: A few years ago when the song Gangnam Style topped the charts, my eldest son was in kindergarten at a local elementary school. His gym teacher found this particular tune to be an asset to the implementation of the physical education curriculum. And by the end of fall semester, my son had not only learned to do a funky gallop dance, but had also memorized all the intelligible words to the chart-topping hit. (Yippee.)

Yes. I do mean all of them. This detail I discovered by accident one day while walking down the long narrow hallway to his classroom. Displayed on the cold, beige, concrete walls were drawings done by all of the children in his grade. I examined each sheet of paper until I found the one with his printed signature.

Imagine my excitement when I discovered that my five-year-old had drawn a picture inspired by his new favorite song: Gangnam Style. His picture showed a man calling out from a caption bubble, “Hey, Sexy Lady.” Everything was spelled correctly.

Proud mom moment. (Especially for a pastor’s wife. We homeschool now.)

Yeah, not exactly. 

christian workout songsThen… to explain to a kindergartener that “sexy” isn’t a word that’s nice to use. I told him it was the “s” word and we shouldn’t say it. He said he’d heard of that. But, then his questions continued:

Son: “What does sexy mean, Mom?”

Me: “Well, um… Hmmm. It kind of means someone is really pretty.”

Him: “Why is it bad to call someone really pretty?”

Me: “Good point. Well. (Stammer. Hem. Haw. Stammer some more. Light bulb goes on. I got it.) It means they are so pretty you want to marry them.”

Him: “Oh, yeah, I wouldn’t want to say that. That would be weird.”


There are two reasons I want you to have a list of some of the best Christian workout songs.

The first is so you don’t have to engage your children in awkward conversations as I did above. You’re welcome.

The second is a little more involved. If you struggle with body image, I want to encourage you to spend less time working out to songs with a central message focused on how to be sexier. Listening to Christian workout songs helps turn your thoughts away from yourself and towards something bigger.

Yes, I know you are looking down at Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass on your playlist and wondering if I’ve heard it. I have. I get that it gives women the liberty to not be skinny and you like that. I have no problem with the few lines that promote real, un-photoshopped beauty. But here’s the thing: please don’t fool yourself into believing this is a great “body image” song.  Though catchy, this hit just takes “sexy” and redefines what it looks like. It fails to redefine its importance. The message we clearly hear is that a woman’s worth is related to her ability to shake “it” for a man.

Friends your value is not tied to that. At all.

For many years I believed the lie that to be sexy actually meant to be worthy of love. The music I listened to reinforced this idea. And it kept me trapped. With Christian workout songs, I don’t have that problem.

If your size, shape, amount of “bass” (or lack thereof) dominates your thoughts, I challenge you to try something this year. Try working out to music that takes your mind off of your booty and puts it on things above. Try Christian workout songs.

So as not to give you a general suggestion without a specific way to implement it, here is a list of some of the best (newer) Christian workout songs. Because I am a fitness instructor, I’ve also included some suggested moves you could do to the listed songs based on their tempo. (Links are to iTunes.)

Best Christian Workout Songs 2023

Best Christian Workout Songs 2023 Version – All Links on Spotify

Micah Tyler: I See Grace

Mercy Me: So Long Self

Mercy Me: Say I Won’t

Matthew West: My Story, Your Glory

CWH: Nobody (Casting Crowns Remix)

Manafest: No Plan B

Lecrae: I’m Turnt

Tripp Lee Featuring Lecrae: I’m Good

Toby Mac: Ignition

Anthony Brown: B.O.B. Blessings on Blessings

Colton Dixon: Made to Fly (Good tempo for lifting weights)

Crowder: Run, Devil Run

Crowder: Milk and Honey

Jeremy Camp: Dead Man Walking

Cain: I’m So Blessed

Or workout to the Compared to Who? podcast and get encouragement about your body image as you exercise. Listen on Apple here. Listen to the Compared to Who? podcast on Spotify here.

Want to Go Old School – Here’s My List of Best Christian Workout Songs – 2017 version

Captial Kings – I Feel So Alive : Great warm up song! Walk or run.

Mercy Me – Greater: Walking or slow jog.

Mercy Me Burn, Baby, Burn: Jogging or cardio machine. Abs.

Royal Tailor – Ready, Set, GoRun or jog. Fast Walk. Side squat lunges.

Press Play – LITO: Free weights. Walking or jogging.

Capital Kings – We Belong as One (Feat. Toby Mac): Jogging, running, cardio machine, fast abdominal work.

Colton Dixon – Love Has Come for Me (Fabmusic remix version): Intervals on a cardio machine. Running intervals.

Press Play – F-I-R-EWalking, jogging or cardio machines.

Mercy Me – ShakeSlow jogging or walking. Abs. Arms with free weights.

Kerrie Roberts – Outcast: Squats, Lunges

Britt Nicole – Amazing Life: Jogging or walking. Squats and lunges. Arms with free weights.

Capital Kings – Living for the Other SideJogging or walking.

King and Country – Fix My Eyes: Walking or abdominal work.

Casting Crowns – Thrive: Walking or slow jogging.

That, my friends, is my list of the best Christian workout songs. I hope this helps you elevate your workouts and focus more on God. Looking for more Christian workout songs? Check out the Best Christian Songs for Walking!


  1. Laurie Clark Tetzloff

    Thanks for the ideas. I need all the motivation I can get!!

    • Heather Creekmore

      You’re welcome!! It’s been a few years since I wrote this – I probably need to do a part 2 with more great newer songs! 🙂

  2. Teri

    Thanks for the ideas! I also love RefitRev workouts on YouTube. They have a lot of workouts to Christian songs (including some that you listed). I love getting my exercise while worshipping God & having fun dancing!

  3. StephenLizzy Ainsworth

    this is hilarious, what a great answer! I love Overcomer by Mandisa, the JOY cd by IHOP & We are Free by Matt Redman, they are all great to clean up to as well!

    • Heather Creekmore

      I’ll have to check those out!!! Thanks for the recommendations! 🙂

  4. Carrie

    Wow! Love your message & your blog name. I always say the comparison is one of the devil’s big tools. It can distory us. Thanks for being a beacon!

  5. Cherrie

    I have Need To Breath “Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now” on my running playlist. Great song! Thanks for the songs!

    • Heather Creekmore

      That’s awesome, Cherrie! MY newest obsession is Rend Collective! Have you heard their “Art of Celebration” CD? I actually created a whole workout around it — but I think it’d be fun to run to as well! Here’s the link to that Joy Workout!

  6. Jolene Berke

    Hi Heather!
    I am the Director of Communications and Marketing for Revelation Wellness. I am putting together my monthly newsletter for instructors and was wondering if I could use they playlist you put together (Best Christian Workout Songs?) I can totally link back/attribute it to you. Just wanting to get your permission to use and ask how you’d like me to link back to you.

    I loved looking at your blog and etsy store! Your heart and mission sound VERY MUCH like what we do at Revelation Wellness. We’d love to have you join our family of instructors if you should ever feel the call. Feel free to check out our website and learn more. Or course, feel free to email me:, too!

    Thanks for the awesome playlist! You have some great song ideas!

    • Heather Creekmore

      Thanks for the comment Jolene! I’d love to have you use the post. I’ll email you as well!



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