Is your body your friend or your enemy? Are you on the same team or are you always at odds? Do you feel like your body fights you? Or, maybe you’ve just never liked it…and making peace sounds nearly impossible. No matter where you are at on your body image journey, befriending your body is a helpful part of the process. Today, Heather talks about being kind to your body from several different angles.

Here are some of the topics covered in today’s Befriending Your Body episode:

**We discuss how our various diet plans can be unkind to our bodies-leaving out important macronutrients or enough calories.

**We talk about how being on the same team as your body can help you feel better about your body in every way–including physically.

**We reference this podcast episode with Tracy Brown, RD where we discuss bread.

**We also reference these episodes about self control with Amy Carlson, RD.

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