Today, Heather shares how to have an “after” story. Chances are, you’ve seen before and after pictures. Weight loss, fitness, and supplement marketers love to use before and after pictures to show you a picture of the “freedom” their plan offers after you use their products and change your body. But, the truth is, the only “after” story that lasts goes much deeper than changing our bodies. The only after story that stands the test of time is one that happens in our hearts. And, only Jesus can do that work.

In today’s episode, Heather is sharing the “after” stories of some of her coaching clients who have found freedom they never knew or believed was possible through doing the heart work of body image coaching. Heather also shares how you can be a part of her brand new Christian body image coaching and online course called: The Body Image Freedom Framework.

Do You Want a Body Image Issues Before and After Story?

In today’s episode, you’ll hear ten different women share how coaching with Heather changed their lives. They’ll share a little about where they came from, how they struggled with body image issues and insecurity, and what working in Heather’s Christian group coaching program offered them. Many will share how this program changed their life, completely. If you’re tired of being stuck in body image issues and ready for freedom, don’t wait. Join this program today.

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