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Affordable, effective, and God-honoring body image coaching is now more accessible than ever. If you need a Christian body image coach, look no further than Heather from Compared to Who?

How much freedom could you find if you had someone to talk to about what’s weighing you down?

Heather Creekmore now offers individualized, personal training for Christian women! If you’re ready to experience new freedom in the body image arena, try coaching!

Are you a Christian woman between the ages of 25 and 70?

Are you tired of stressing over what the mirror and scale say?

      • Do thoughts about how you should/could look better monopolize your time?
      • Do you sometimes feel guilty over how much time you spend thinking about (or trying to fix) your appearance?
      • Are you frequently worrying about what other people think of how you look?
      • Have you spent a lot of time or money trying new diets, exercise programs, cosmetics, or buying clothes? Have you believed these things would *fix* the way you feel about yourself?

Does the thought of being free from the fear of what others think sound amazing to you?

If any of these statements resonate with you, then body image personal training may be just what you need!

Learn more about Christian Body Image Coaching here!

About the Coach

Heather Creekmore has been speaking and writing hope and encouragement for women who wrestle body image and comparison issues for almost a decade. The author of 2 books on the topic–Compared to Who? and The Burden of Better has a proven track record of helping women set a new course out of body image bondage and into new freedom in Christ. She’ll encourage you, push you to think outside the box of culture’s cliches, and guide you with wisdom from God’s word. She’s a listening ear and a motivating coach who has worked with a variety of women of all different personality types to help them lay down the burden of comparison and body image issues.

Heather treats each coaching client like a close friend–offering encouragement and wisdom via email and text throughout the week–as she answers your questions or fields your thoughts. You’ll enjoy having someone to walk with you on the path to freedom.

Are you ready to stop obsessing over your body and find freedom? Contact Heather here.



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