Host Heather Creekmore shares what to do when you have a bad body image day or week where you just feel really bad about your body. Heather shares from a recent experience having her own “body image flare up” and how she handled it. The episode also covers topics like grieving our past or ideal bodies, recognizing vulnerability to body image attacks, and creating resources to prevent spiraling out of control when you’re struggling. Heather describes how body image issues are often connected to other pain in life talks in depth about her struggle with body dysmorphia, feeling confused about her true size and appearance, has looked over the years. The episode also discusses how societal constructs perpetuated by media and advertising contribute to the idea of a perfect body being the key to happiness. Heather also shares different tactics the enemy uses to tempt a person and how we can help ourselves and others avoid making things worse and spiraling out of control. Join the conversation to gain insight into how to cope with a tough day in the body image battle.

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