If you feel the urge to find a new diet for the Fall, you’re not alone. Back-to-school time triggers us with the lure of a fresh start, new routines, and the promise that maybe this Fall we can find the plan to solve our issues for good! But, is finding a new diet or plan the best way to find body image freedom? Today we talk about this and more. If you really want to start a new diet soon — this show is for you!

What to Do When You Really Want to Start a New Diet

Today we talk about what to do when you really believe a new diet is what you need. Here are some of the places we go on today’s show:

  • How triggering Instagram/Facebook ads with new plans for Fall can be!
  • How satisfying it can be to feel like you are regaining control through a new plan.
  • How to look at your past to see if a new plan is going to work better than the others.
  • How to look at your future to see if a new plan can really give you what you want and desire the most.
  • How to look at your present and see if your real need is for body change or for something deeper.
  • What to do if you struggle not to believe that a new plan could fix everything!

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when you want to start a new diet