Do you ever just feel sad about your body size or shape? Part of finding body image freedom is recognizing the truth that sometimes you will just feel sad or discouraged about your body. Grieving the lost dream of a “better” body that would “cure” everything or the loss of youth or the loss of the body size or shape you once had is a normal and healthy process. On today’s show, Heather looks at what body grief is and offers three suggestions for how to process grief and how to not stay in the pit of body image woe or body depression. 

Today, Heather talks about:

1) The five stages of grief, what they are, and how we move through them, including an explanation of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s five stages of grief.

2) What these stages of grief look like as they relate to our body image issues or adjustment to aging or changing sizes.

3) How being “sober-minded” as scripture instructs, can help us find body image freedom.

4) How Romans 12: 1-3 can help us see our bodies in a different light and help us when we grieve.

5) How Psalm 73 offers us the best cure for anytime we feel grieved or sorrow-filled about our bodies (or anything!)

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