Everywhere you look you can find a #selflove or #loveyourself mantra to “encourage” you and help you “improve” your body image. But is self love really the way? Is self love even biblical? What about self-esteem? Is that something we need more of if we struggle with body image?

Today, Heather explores the truth of how self esteem has impacted us and why self love may not be the biblical answer you’ve been told it is.

Here are some verses to check out as you listen and consider the question: Is self love biblical?:

Matthew 22:37-39. Jesus says the law hinges on these two commandments. (Love God and love your neighbor. If self love is a hidden commandment in there, then Jesus’ math is wrong.)

Ephesians 5:25-30. Paul tells husbands to love their wives as they love themselves. Doubtful he is giving them an excuse to hate their wives if they “hate” themselves.

2 Timothy 3:2. In the last days men will be “lovers of self.” If you read the passage you’ll see, this wasn’t a compliment or a command. This was something to be avoided!

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