I always get revved up at the beginning of the new year for a fresh start, a new journey. But in today’s show I explore how, many years, I put myself on the wrong path. Looking at the classic story from John Bunyan’s, “A Pilgrim’s Progress” we take a deeper look at how easy it is for us, as Christians, to get distracted from the one path we should be on. You’ll be encouraged by this allegory and how it applies to our lives as we approach a new year!

Today Heather asks: “What journey are you on?”

Is it a journey to be healthier? A journey to be more organized? A journey to be a better mom, wife, friend, or sister? No matter what your journey, it’s important to not forget the ultimate journey that every Christian is on.

I know, personally, I spent most of my life on a journey to be thinner. I treated “thin” like a destination, like a magical place I’d arrive at and everything would be better in my life. Through the ups and downs of my weight struggle, I’ve recognized that thin is not a destination and that over-focusing on it distracts me from my true path.

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