What I Thought Would Fix My Body Image: Part Three (Motherhood)

Marriage didn’t fix my body image issues. In some ways, it may have made them worse! But, there was still something I hadn’t tried. I knew if I could just get pregnant, then, somehow, I’d feel better about my body. After all, in my mind, pregnant women didn’t need to worry about how they looked. They had a baby growing in them! What an awesome job and responsibility. How could anyone nurturing a baby in their womb stress over calories or the shape of her bum?

Oh, but, this is the part of the series where you learn how dense I truly am. Haha. Can a pregnant woman worry about her body image? Uh, yes and double yes! Here’s my story:

Question for Reflection

I have friends who swear that pregnancy fixed their body image struggles. Eating disorders were finally beat because pregnancy made them see their bodies in a new light. But, for me, it had relatively no positive impact.

If you’ve had a baby, did body image bother you while you were pregnant?

If not, are you guilty of imaging that pregnancy will “fix” your struggles?

**Answer below to join the conversation or answer privately in a journal for prayerful reflection later!**

Here’s another post on lessons I learned about how my children were little mirrors who needed me to work on my issues so they wouldn’t repeat them!

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Body image quiz

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Body image quiz

Take the body image quiz here!