Today’s show is a must-listen if you have children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren or folks in your ministry who are a part of Gen Z categorized as those between the ages of 12 and 26. Heather’s guest, Jessie Cruickshank, has been studying the older set of this generation since they were in middle school. She has a Master’s degree from Harvard in experiential education and has studied how our brains work and learn best.

Here’s where we go today:

Generation Z looks different: More than 50% are biracial. This is changing the way they see and think about race. And Gen Z doesn’t mind having more than one “tag” in this arena. We talk about how this may change the standard of beauty in the future.

This generation has more anxiety because they’ve grown up in a more volatile and complex world and they’re aware of so many things that are completely out of their control. They have a “precocious” awareness of the world. Many of those Jessie interviewed admitted to crying at night.

Gen Z has more social experiences through the phone, so they’re missing the regulation impact of being with people in person.

Gen Z doesn’t prefer the “tech” solution. They prefer non-zoom in-person communications compared to tech connections. Be gracious for how awkward this may be for them, they haven’t had enough practice here.

The lack of agency Gen Z has felt, has led to a great desire to speak into things, as an agent, with an opinion that matters (even if there’s still some maturing to do.) Asking them questions and offering options is the best way to invite them into the conversations.

What does Gen Z dream about? You’ll be amazed by Jessie’s startling answer here.

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