Thinspiration or Fitspiration has been around since I was a kid, only it didn’t have such a cool name. But, I learned that cutting pictures out of magazines of women whom I aspired to look like would help me, somehow, look more like them. I read I should put these pictures on the refrigerator and that would help me not eat. I should put them on my mirror so I could look at these images, every day, and be reminded of my goal–to have that kind of body.

It may sound innocent, but friends, fitspiration and thinspiration are not of the Lord. Jesus doesn’t ask us to try to look like other women. Jesus doesn’t ask us to not eat so that we can have someone else’s body size or shape. There is so much evil wrapped up in this seemingly innocent “inspirational” exercise–and it’s time that it was exposed.

Today we talk about the problem with thinspiration and fitspiration and how, spiritually and physically harmful it can be. Looking at another woman’s body and deciding that you “want one just like it” is the type of coveting talked about way back in the Old Testament! Looking at a photo with envy, daily, doesn’t lead us to a place of body image freedom–it leads to a place where we are further stuck in our idolatry.

Topics we tackle in today’s show about the Problem with Thinspiration:

  • What are we worshipping? Have we traded the “truth” for a “lie” like Romans 1:25 says.
  • God didn’t make me to look like her.
  • Does posting these pictures actually bring us more shame and hurt us in other ways?
  • God isn’t waiting for me to look more like that image, I’m made in his image.

Listen to today’s show about thinspiration and fitspiration, and let me know what you think!

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