Everyone is talking about getting a summer “body” but as we enter a new season, my question is: How is your body image? Where are you on the path to body image freedom? I’ve had some friends walking this path with me for years now–you’ve probably heard me change, grow, and learn as God reveals new things to me in areas I previously didn’t even know he wanted to change! Others of you may be brand new to the Compared to Who? show or this ministry. Maybe you never even knew that your problem with your body was actually a problem with your body image. Perhaps you are still trying to figure out if that statement is even true–and if it really is possible to change how you feel about your body without reaching your “goal weight” or getting the body you always dreamed of. Today, I give you a short, 5 question assessment so you can figure out where you are on the path and I offer some practical steps as to what may be next for you if you want to keep growing in body image freedom.

Here are some other things we tackle in the Summer Body Image Assessment:

  • We talk about how body image freedom never comes from a plan. Freedom is a path, not a plan.
  • We talk about how for Heather, food issues weren’t something that God started working on right away. How it took her years after starting to heal her body image to give up dieting and over-exercising and see the disordered eating patterns and habits in her life.
  • Heather shares how gracious it is of God to meet us where we are at and not push us to walk this path any faster than we are ready to.
  • We talk about the “Idol of Self” and how sneaky it is to believe that our opinions of us are more important than everyone else’s (even God’s).
  • We “go there” and talk about summer body image struggles. Heather makes suggests as to how you can enjoy the summer with more freedom.
  • Finally, we talk about spiritual habits and practices that are ultimately the key to experiencing true body image freedom.

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