Consider This When Making Weight Loss Resolutions

by | Dec 28, 2015 | Uncategorized, Weight Loss

Did you make some weight loss resolutions this year? I bet you did. Tis the season for that sort of thing, right? Just yesterday I heard a Christian radio announcer read a story that said the top new year’s resolution for many will once again be exercise more. Following at a close second will be resolutions to change one’s look—which for many will be dieting, surgery, or other forms of fixing up one’s body.

I’m not against self-improvement. I sincerely believe God desires for us to be healthy. Taking care of our bodies is a practice He approves of. But, can we take it too far? Do New Year’s resolutions that focus on changing our outsides before changing our insides set us on a trajectory of messed up priorities for the year to come?

Just maybe…

I’m technically on a blogging break until the New Year. But, didn’t want to miss this opportunity to encourage and motivate you as you make your resolutions this week. Check out this post from a few years ago. I pray it encourages you.

And, Happy New Year!

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