Today Heather talks to her Intuitive Eating Coaches — Erin Todd and Char-Lee Haze from the Intuitive Eating for Christian Women podcast — about whether or not you can be “sugar-free” while practicing intuitive eating. Char-Lee lays out a framework for making authentic decisions for our health that are: purposeful, personal, and peaceful. The coaches walk Heather through a journey where she explores with them the science, scripture, and her lived experience come together so that she can make wise, God-honoring decisions for her health and her body.

Here are a few other topics covered in today’s show: Should I Go Sugar-Free?

  • Can you tell whether or not a person is healthy from looking at them?
  • But what if you have a strong family history of diabetes? What does being responsible look like?
  • Is the all-or-nothing approach what’s best for our bodies or our mental health?
  • Is there such a thing as sugar addiction?
  • What does gentle nutrition look like around sweets and sugar?

Also mentioned in today’s show: Erin, Char-Lee, and Heather are participating in a lent collaboration project with other non-diet dietitians and encouragers in the food and body area. It’s called, “Losing the Lies for Lent.”

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