Today I launch a brand new bonus series on the podcast called, “7 Minutes of Scripture” and in today’s episode, we’ll start by exploring Colossians 3!

I truly believe that we Christian women who wrestle with body image and comparison issues will benefit MOST from being in God’s word every day. You can’t know what God says about your identity, where your value is, and how to feel your worth in Christ unless you are reading God’s word. I know it’s easier to read devotionals, blog posts, or other things that talk about God and what he says. But, nothing will be more transformative in your life than actually reading God’s word. This series is here to help you dive back into God’s word by exploring Colossians 3 (and other transformative passages)!

There are two ways I like to think about this.

First: Chances are you’d never marry someone you hadn’t actually met, or if you did you’d have a hard time trusting him until you really got to know him. No matter how many friends told you he was trustworthy – you’d need to know that information for yourself. The same applies to God. Until you know him for yourself, you will wrestle to truly trust him.

Second: If your husband or a parent had to deploy for 6 months or had to go far away where you couldn’t communicate–but they left you hundreds of letters, would you not read them? Or, would you just rely on your ability to remember how much they loved you and you loved them? Chances are–if they left their words –you’d be in them every day for comfort, encouragement, and reminders of their love.

This, my friends, is why we need to be in the word.

So, in this new series, I’ll take about 7 minutes (I can commit to under 10 – I can’t commit to 7 exactly!) and we’ll talk through a passage of scripture. I’ll highlight things that speak to me and tell you how I think they can offer encouragement and insight to body image and comparison struggles. But, I’d encourage you to open your Bible and read along with me. Highlight things that stick out to you and soak in the passage.

Today we start by exploring Colossians 3. Oh friends. The Message paraphrase of verses 12-13 will knock your socks off. Literally. This part will stop you in your tracks if you wrestle comparison. I can’t wait for you to hear it!

7 minutes of scripture: exploring collosians 3 christian podcast