Have you believed that it’s possible to keep your body from changing? Maybe you’ve believed that you could stop aging, weight shifts, or other physical changes if you followed someone’s plan or just did “all the things” right. Have you felt guilt, shame, or “out of control” feelings because your body has changed and you didn’t stop it? Oh friend, today we’re going to explore the world of lies surrounding how, why, and if our bodies should change. There’s so much circulating that makes it feel like we have complete control to stop our body from ever looking different. But, what if these are all just lies we’re tempted to believe? Listen to today’s show and let me know what you think! Today we talk about:

  • How strange it would be for our bodies to “never change”
  • How there’s an industry out there that makes a lot of money convincing us our bodies are completely controllable-but body change is natural and normal!
  • Why we will feel better about our bodies and our lives if we can give ourselves some grace to change through different seasons and ages.
  • Is it true that if you work hard enough and are diligent enough, your body won’t change?

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Lies We Believe If I Do Everything Right My Body Won't Change

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