I Just Want to Feel Okay About My Body

by | Sep 5, 2023 | Podcast Episodes, Sticky

Today, Heather digs into this common sentiment, “I just want to feel good” or “I just want to feel okay” about my body. She explores how this is a struggle for so many women who are wrestling to feel confident about their bodies.

What is this desire of having a body that you can feel good in or good about? Could the core of this issue be something you’d never expect? Heather digs into an unusual biblical concept, that is: boasting. Not that we want to tell other people that we are great, but instead, perhaps we want our bodies to tell our story for us. Do we want our bodies to tell everyone who sees us that we know how to take care of our bodies well? That we know the secrets to fitness or weight loss? Or, that we are just really good at making our bodies look their best? It’s a concept few of us have spent a lot of time thinking about it.

Heather walks through some fantastic teaching on the topic of boasting taken from Romans 3:27-31 and shows us how we can find a place to boast that is far better than the appearance or weight of our bodies.

Anything you look at and say, “This is where my value is,” can become an idol. Listen, be encouraged and exhorted today.

Listen to the Tim Keller sermon that Heather references here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/timothy-keller-sermons-podcast-by-gospel-in-life/id352660924?i=1000621135323

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  1. Nikki

    Thank you so much for this talk! I’m still trying to figure out just how to build my identity in Jesus. I give Him control of everything except my body, I try and control that and I am tired! Lots of good to chew on here!

    • Heather Creekmore

      Thanks, Nikki!! It is a journey! (An exhuasting journey!) Check out the new course if you’re interested. It could be a big help to your process. I was very much the same. Hands raised in church singing, “I surrender all.” And then trying to over control my body – Sorry, God, that’s mine. Been there. There is great hope!! Seeing it is the first step!!


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