Who has a brain that just won’t turn off? I do! Today we talk with the Mindset Makeover Coach, Alicia Michelle about how to find rest by focusing on what we’re thinking (and overthinking) about. If you’ve wondered how to stop the brain from overthinking, today will be a super helpful show for you. In this series on habits that will actually change our year, we talk about how important it is to rest. But, instead of talking about getting more sleep or turning off Netflix, Alicia talks about how in order to truly experience rest we have to first address what’s going on in our brains and we have to help them rest. If you are an over-thinker or a “brain won’t stop” kind of person, today’s show will be a huge help to you!

Alicia and I talk about:

  • Why our brains compare us to others.
  • Why we can’t rest when we’re relying on old patterns of thinking to tell us how to be or act.
  • How our desire for approval can prohibit us from resting.
  • How to deal with disappointment.
  • How finding a healthy definition of success is vital.
  • How to find peace so we can rest!

If you’ve ever struggled with overthinking, lying in bed with a brain that won’t turn off, or you feel like you’re constantly going because your brain won’t give you a rest–this show is for you.

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