Summer is coming and culture tells us it’s time to focus on how to look great in a swimsuit. So today, we explore God’s word to see how scripture can guide us on this pursuit. Today, we’re talking confidence, approval, and how most (if not all) women wrestle never feeling like they look good enough. What does the Gospel say to our insecurities? If you’ve ever felt like you just don’t look good enough to put on swimwear (or wear it in public)–this episode will encourage your heart!

Today Heather talks about what’s really behind our struggles to look great in a swimsuit:

  • Why the secret to looking good in a swimsuit can’t just be drinking miracle weight-loss drinks or doing planks. Even if we “perfect” our bodies by culture’s standards–we can still struggle with body image.
  • Why it’s important to remember that God’s saving grace doesn’t just make us secure for all of eternity, it makes us secure in the here and now.
  • How wearing swimwear (or wearing it well) isn’t the actual validation our hearts need when we struggle with body image issues.
  • If you want to look great in a swimsuit, it doesn’t require a body makeover, it requires a spiritual one.

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how to look great in a swimsuit

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