Do you wrestle with feelings of disappointment at the end of fun seasons like Summer or the holidays? If so, you may have Chronic Disappointment Disorder (or CDD). It’s not a real disease, but Heather has experienced it as if it were. Today, she tackles what to do if you feel disappointed at the end of this season and if you wrestle feelings of sadness or loss as you transition between the seasons.

Here’s where we go in today’s Handling the End of Summer Blues Episode:

**How so many of us get sad and stressed at the end of seasons and how we worry and stress over what we didn’t do during the “special time.”

**How we look for life in experiences instead of where it’s found (in Christ).

**How Chronic Disappointment Disorder speaks to these “identities” that we desire to have.

**How to not think so linear — believing that the next milestone will be “better”.

**How to stop the comparative thoughts around what you did or didn’t do over the summer.

**What to do to fend off the end of summer blues–to keep your body and your spirit from feeling depressed.

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