Today we talk about all things fitness. What does it mean to be fit? Is physical fitness something that all Christians need? Why should we pursue fitness and is there ever a danger to pursuing physical fitness? Today Heather digs into how fitness and health aren’t always synonymous. She also talks about how fitness can help us fulfill our calling and serve God with our bodies. But, she shares from her own experience with pursuing fitness at the expense of her health and how this kind of pursuit of fitness wasn’t about being fit to serve the Lord better, but was for a more futile purpose. 

Do Christians Have to Be Fit?

Heather also looks at what scripture says about fitness in our physical body and fitness from a spiritual sense–readiness to do what God has called and asked us to do. She poses several questions for those of every fitness level to examine their own hearts, lives, and relationship with fitness to find a place of greater peace and spiritual health.

Heather looks at scriptures like 1 Timothy 4:8, Matthew 24:42, 1 Peter 3: 15-16, and 2 Timothy 4:2 to explain how scripture calls us to be ready in a way that goes beyond just physical fitness.

Fitness can be tricky business. We can go in hoping to be fit to serve and get lured into the idol that tells us just a little more fitness and we’ll feel like we’ve arrived. Heather also breaks down the fallacy of feeling fit enough on today’s show.

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Should Christians be fit? Is it possible to be fit enough?