“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Do you have Philippians 4:13 memorized or on a Christian t-shirt. Have you recited it before the big test or the big game? Have you used it to be your weight loss or fitness goal motivation verse?

If you have, no shame or blame here. But, today Heather tackles what Philippians 4:13 is really trying to teach us. It’s a message in contentment. It’s a passage that reveals our struggle with covetousness, and it’s a verse that encourage us that we can be strong in finding satisfaction in Christ alone, whether or not we’ve achieved our personal goals.

Is Philippians 4:13 about weight loss and fitness goals? Or is it about contentment?

Take a listen to Heather talk about this tricky passage and often mis-used scripture verse and then let us know what you think. Have you used Philippians 4:13 to help with your weight loss or fitness goals? Drop Heather a line at heather@ compared to who.me or leave a 5 star review of the show if you loved it!

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Want to listen to the original Tim Keller sermon that inspired Heather’s talk today: https://gospelinlife.com/downloads/the-freedom-of-contentment-2-10th-6334/

Can Philippians 4:13 be my weight loss motivation verse