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Ready to stop comparing and start living? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Struggling with body image? Tired of comparing yourself to others? Looking for biblical truth that will help you find freedom?

Friend, I’ve been there. I know the frustration of never feeling you can do “enough.” Let’s connect and I’ll show you the way off the self improvement treadmill.


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Burden of Better: How a Comparison-Free Life Leads to Joy, Peace & Rest book cover

“The absolute best Christian book I’ve ever read on comparison! And, it will make you laugh out loud!”

Tired of striving to be better? Has comparison kept you on a self-improvement treadmill that just won’t quit? This brand new Christian book on comparison offers a gospel-centered way to free your life of the need to measure up and find satisfaction, rest, and peace in God’s grace alone. Start reading the first chapter free below!

Compared to Who

Forget Self-Esteem Gimmicks and Love Yourself Mantras and Find Biblically-Based, Gospel-Centered Answers for Negative Body Image.

“This is not what I was expecting, at all! I’d read all the other Christian books on body image, but this one was different. Now I have hope that I can, truly, be free from my body image struggles. Oh, and it’s funny.”

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Compared to Who? Podcast

“I can’t begin to tell you what your honesty and humility has done for me. I just started listening to your podcast at the end of last week and you have brought so much joy, hope and life.”

christian walking workout to help with comparison

Feel lighter after just 30 minutes!


How can we help you improve your body image or stop comparing?

Whether you’re fighting the scale and mirror or stuck in a battle with an eating disorder, Compared to Who? the blog has a library of more than 500 articles to encourage and equip you to find body image and food freedom through the Gospel! Looking for more personalized help? Consider body image coaching or join one of our online course options.

Body image and Christian women help for issues

Body Image

You don’t have to fight the scale or mirror forever. God’s love is beyond what you measure. Here’s how to believe it.

encouragement for christian women who compare themselves to others


Stop comparing. Start living. God doesn’t ask you to be like her. Here’s how to live like you mean it.

christian advice for marriage issues and body image

Marriage: Body Image & Marriage

Body image, lust, and related issues can take a toll on your marriage. Here’s practical encouragement.

do you always need approval and affirmation


Do you always feel the need for others’ approval? Here are some ways to break free.

Weight Loss & Dieting

Tired of the constant battle to lose weight? Here’s a fresh, biblically-based perspective on weight loss and dieting.

how do you help your teen daughter child with body image issues

Helping Children with Body Image

Our daughters and sons, teens and even young children, are struggling with body image like never before. Here’s how to help them.

get body image coaching or christian advice on body image

Personalized Coaching Help

Need a little extra support? Want someone to talk to about your specific challenges and help walk beside you, encouraging you with the truth of scripture and leading you to freedom? Consider coaching.

christian perspective on aging


Feel like you need some personalized advice from a biblical perspective for your body image, marriage, or comparison issue? Reach out here.

Compared to Who? Blog

Stop Comparing. Start Living.

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Body Image Retreat

Kick start your efforts to improve your body image with this plan designed to complement Compared to Who? the book!


Heather Creekmore best Christian book on body image and comparison

Hi there, I’m Heather.

I’m a pastor’s wife, a homeschooling mom of four, a failed Netflix baker (season 1, episode 1 of Nailed It!), an author, podcaster, and speaker…but most of all…I’m just a woman who loves Jesus but knows what it feels like to struggle with body image and comparison. My passion is to see Christian women set free from the all-consuming worry over the scale, mirror, or lure of comparison so they are free to pursue God’s purpose for their lives. Learn more about Compared to Who? here.

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