Body Image Struggles? Find Encouragement Here!

Are you tired of struggling with body image and comparison?

Ready to live a comparison-free life? Compared to Who is a community for women who seek Christian body image help and are tired of the stale, unsatisfying answers they’ve heard elsewhere.

Then get ready to take the 5 Day Body Image Freedom Challenge. For 5 days straight you’ll receive challenging, encouraging, and scripture-based truth to help you start a new journey to body image freedom. Each day includes mini-assignments to consider and scripture to read and meditate on.

Plus: You’ll get an amazing free gift. The “Walk to Lose the Weight of Comparison” 30-minute prayer walking workout.

You’ll get a link to download the episode in your welcome sign-up email. Then plan you’re walk around the block or on the treadmill as Heather guides you through 30 minutes of exercise–mental, spiritual and physical–to release the burden of comparison.


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Want to email me directly?

Use this address: Heather (at) Compared to Who (dot) Me or simply reply to one of the messages you receive through your subscription.

Please note: I try to reply to every message I get, but please forgive me if it takes a few weeks. **I cannot do personal coaching and counseling via email, but do offer a six week coaching program or coaching by the hour if you contact me at address above.**