Why a Bible Reading Plan is Better for Your Body Image than a Diet

by | Jan 3, 2021 | Weight Loss

If you truly want to reach your “New Year, New You” goals – may I make a suggestion? Don’t start a new diet, start a new Bible reading plan.

Yes, I understand that the holidays may have taken their toll on the way your jeans fit. I know that every fiber of your being may long to be back “in control” when it comes to your food or the number on the scale. But, can I tell you that as a woman who’s tried every diet out there–nothing improved my body image more than surrendering it to Jesus.

I lost the weight, wore the size, thought I was making the scale happy. Only trouble was –I still didn’t feel happy. The discontent deep within that I thought would disappear as soon as I reached those size goals didn’t leave. They stuck around, and told me I still wasn’t good enough. It’s the biggest con that daily dupes those of us who struggle with body image. We believe that what we look like is connected to our body image struggles. It isn’t.

So, if you’re looking for a New Year, New You, I have a suggestion. Skip the weight loss resolutions. Bypass the new diet. And, instead focus on spiritual growth. It will feel unfamiliar, scary even. But instead of tightening your grip on food (only to loosen it again when your knuckles get tired and your body gets hungry)–surrender your food issues to the God who loves you. Instead of vowing to do all the things better so you get “the body” — commit to spending 10 minutes a day learning more about the grand artist who designed that body.

Reading the Bible every day will help you:

  • Learn more about how deeply loved you are, just as you are.
  • Remind you that you have tremendous purpose here, no matter what your flaws (or size).
  • Encourage you to keep your focus on what God says is good and beautiful instead of how culture defines it.
  • And, help fill that hunger–that longing–for affirmation. Deep down we don’t really crave compliments or kudos for a “good” body–we desire to be known, seen, heard, and understood.
  • No diet can do that.

And, instead of feeling guilt, shame, and condemnation that comes when you have to quit yet another diet (again!)–why not embrace the God of grace who tells you that you are loved and accepted even though perfection here isn’t possible?

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Bible reading plan better than a diet for body image


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