Today Heather answers three listener questions related to body image and self-worth. These questions were taken from the Facebook group “Body Image for Christian Women” (Join anytime and look for opportunities to submit your questions!)

Heather’s first question today tackles the issue of when you “arrive” on your body image journey, if you finally stop hating your body. The listener asks if there’s a certain point you reach when you either decide that you love your body or decide that your body doesn’t matter.

Next, Heather tackles the topic of BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder) and what to do about it. Heather has addressed this topic before in this episode here:

Then Heather addresses a question about how to respond when others make comments about dieting, body size, looks, or other people’s bodies. Finally, Heather tackles a question about what good could possibly come from gaining weight or getting fat. Heather delicately approaches the issue to encourage the listener that God can use all things for his good, even that!

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