You asked for more 7 minutes of scripture episodes…so today we’ll tackle Esther chapter 2 in about seven minutes (or 17 minutes…it’s a full chapter!) Today we look at how for Esther beauty didn’t lead to a fairy tale. Too often the story of Esther is presented as a rags-to-riches, inspirational tale–like the Cinderella story of the Bible. But the reality of Esther’s story is much harder than that. And, though Esther had tremendous beautyshe had beauty for a purpose. God gave her great beauty but that didn’t make her life easy. Instead, it got her thrown into what we’d now call a form of slavery where she was used and tossed aside at the king’s pleasure. She had no freedom or autonomy, even after she was named his queen.

In this episode we talk about the reality that beauty doesn’t always lead us to easy places. In fact, for Esther, it was quite the opposite. But, God gave her everything she needed to accomplish his purpose for her life–and that purpose was to save the Jewish people. Read the entire book of Esther after you listen for even greater insight into the story.

Esther: Beauty Doesn’t Always Lead to a Fairy Tale

Listen and learn about the reality of Esther’s story and stay tuned to the end where we explore some takeaways to apply to your life and struggles today.

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Esther 2 beauty and lessons from Esther