Today Heather’s delivering vacation tips for women who struggle with body image and control issues. These struggles don’t go on vacation when we do. In fact, sometimes a vacation can bring out the worst of our struggles. Between our disappointments, guilt over being “off-plan” with food choices, or feeling like we “look fat” in pictures we can spoil all the fun of our time away. This is your all-inclusive guide to preparing for time away this summer so you can enjoy your vacation! Grab a pen and take some notes before you head out this summer!

Today we talk about vacation tips for women with body image and control issues:

  • Chronic Disappointment Disorder and how it disturbs vacation. (Learn more about CDD in this episode here.)
  • How talking about your expectations before vacation can transform your experience.
  • How communicating with your spouse (or friends) can help us control freaks enjoy our time more.
  • How gratitude can turn a lousy vacation around.
  • How to stop the “Me Monster” from ruining your trip.
  • What to do if your body image stops you from enjoying your time away.
  • How you can keep your body image issues from flaring up while you are on vacation.
  • What items of clothing are most important for you to invest in if your size has changed.
  • How to stop your body image issues from spiraling while you are away from home.
  • What to do about vacation pictures when you don’t love the way you look in photos.

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