You Have a Testimony: Spring Break Free Day 9

by | Apr 12, 2023 | Spring Break Free Course

For years and years, I believed that I didn’t have a story. I was a “good girl.” I didn’t have a dramatic testimony of salvation from the depths of drug abuse or alcoholism. I wasn’t a hardened criminal who saw the light and softened my heart. It seemed my testimony was as bland as bland could be.


I didn’t think I had a story. But, now I see things a little different.

You see, if we’ve really, truly been saved, we’ve been saved from something. There’s a before and an after. Like a makeover, there needs to be a visible change. When I entered my mid-thirties I began to see (and feel) my own depravity and realize that I did need a Savior to redeem my sins of pride and idolatry.

Truth is, any story of someone going from death to eternal life IS a good story. Right?

Questions for reflection

Have you ever spent time thinking about your story?

Maybe you DO have a dramatic story of who you were before Christ and who you are now. Or, maybe, like me, you’ve struggled to figure out what your “testimony” is.

Spend some time today thinking about your story. Most of us crave a physical transformation, but the spiritual transformation that happens when we see what God has done in our lives can lead to a type of freedom that’s better than a dramatic weight loss or professional makeover!

If you haven’t had this type of transformation, then let me encourage you. It’s available. For you. Today!

Your value was settled at the cross where God gave his only son to die for you! Accept his free gift of salvation and believe in Him today. Confess and repent of your sin and embrace his great love for you today.


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