Why Is It Hard to Fix Body Image Issues? Spring Break Free Day 3

by | Apr 14, 2021 | Spring Break Free Course

In today’s installment of the Spring Break Free we will take a look at why body image issues are so hard to fix! There are seemingly so many “solutions” out there as to how to stop stressing over your body. Body love, body pride, body transformation–each of these “solutions” is sold to us as an effective cure. But what if the real problem with our body image has nothing to do with our actual bodies. That’s what we talk about in today’s episode. Don’t forget to go to the FULL show notes to get your discussion questions.


I took my child to the doctor the other day. Pink, itchy spots covered his little body. He had a fever of 103 and was barely able to eat. The doctor’s diagnosis: He has a broken leg. She put a cast on it and said to come back in six weeks to get it removed.

If this were really the scenario, if my doctor was truly this lousy at diagnosing illness, I think I’d find a new one immediately. Wouldn’t you? Obviously in the scenario above, my son doesn’t have a broken bone. He has a virus or other contagious illness. A cast on the leg won’t fix it.

Friends: This is exactly what I believe the problem is in our culture. We are trying to fix the “virus” of body image issues with a plaster cast.

Today I explore some of the ineffective ways culture tries to “cure” body image issues. Some of these proposed “cures” are obvious, others are more discreet.

Question for reflection

In what ways have you tried culture’s cures for your body image issues? Have they worked?


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